Arlene LaDell Hayes - Dreamwalkers/Spirit Warrior Series

Arlene LaDell Hayes Spirit Warrior Series

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Arlene Ladell Hayes "Mid Day Ride"

"Mid Day Ride" 18x36, acrylic $2,500.

Arlene Ladell Hayes "First Rider"

"First Rider" 14x14, acrylic $1,000.

Arlene Ladell Hayes "Coyote Companion"

"Coyote Companion" 48x72, acrylic $15,000.

Arlene Ladell Hayes "Cool Ride"

"Cool Ride" 24x48, oil $4,500.

Arlene Ladell Hayes "Raven's Advice"

"Raven's Advice" 12x12, acrylic $800.

Arlene Ladell Hayes "After Midnight"

"After Midnight" 14x14, acrylic $1,000.

Arlene Ladell Hayes "Primas"

"Primas" 20x16, acrylic $1,600.

arlene ladell hayes the return 18x18 , acrylic, $1250

"The Return" 18x18, Acrylic, $1650

arlene ladel hayes threee sister 12x12 acrylic $700

"Three Sisters" 12x12, Acrylic, $800

arlene ladell hayes archer acrylic 30x15 $1500

"Archer" 30x15, Acrylic, (SOLD)

Arlene LaDell Hayes "An Exchange of Wisdom"

"An Exchange of Wisdom" 18x18, acrylic (SOLD)

Arlene LaDell Hayes "Encounter With Sunrise"

"Encounter With Sunrise" 30x15,acrylic $1,800.

arlene ladell hayes Medincine Talk 30x15 Acrylic $1500

"Medicine Talk" 30x15, Acrylic, (SOLD)

arlene ladell hayes evening ride acrylic 30x60 $4850

"Evening Ride" 30x60 acrylic $7000

Arlene LaDell Hayes "Generations"

"Generations", 20x16, acrylic $1,600.

Arlene LaDell Hayes "Tall In the Saddle"

"Tall in the Saddle", 18x18, acrylic $1,650.

Arlene LaDell Hayes "The Guide's Children"

"The Guide's Children" 14x14, acrylic (SOLD)

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