Charles Ewing


Charles Ewing "Enjoined"

"Enjoined" 12x16, ink $2,100.

Charles Ewing "Lazuli Bunting"

"Lazuli Bunting" 9x12, oil $1,400.

Charles Ewing "Now What?"

"Now What?" 22x16, ink on claybord $2,200.

Charles Ewing "Serious Humor - Mark Twain"

"Serious Humor - Mark Twain" ink on claybord $2,200.

Charles Ewing "Running the Bluffs"

"Running the Bluffs" 9x12, oil $1,400.

Charles Ewing "Drive to Higher Pastures"

"Drive to Higher Pastures" 36x20, ink on claybord $5,700.

Charles Ewing "Dusty Moon"

"Dusty Moon" 20x30, ink on claybord $4,400.

Charles Ewing "Launch of the Nuthatch"

"Launch of the Nuthatch" 8x16, ink on claybord $1,600.

Charles Ewing "Ancient Souls"

"Ancient Souls" 22x28, ink on claybord, (SOLD)

Charles Ewing "Canyon DeChelly I"

"Canyon DeChelly I" 16x8, oil (SOLD)

Charles Ewing "Canyon DeChelly II"

"Canyon DeChelly II" 16x8, oil $1,600.

Charles Ewing "Night Train"

"Night Train" 16x16, ink on claybord $2,900.

Charles Ewing "Sisters Summit"

"Sisters Summit" 20x16, ink on claybord (SOLD)

Charles Ewing "Feathered Wisdom"

"Feathered Wisdom" 24x18, ink on claybord (SOLD)

Charles Ewing "Rams Above the Rio Grande"

"Rams Above the Rio Grande" 18x36, ink $5,100.

Charles Ewing "Dappled Drink"

"Dappled Drink" 40x30, ink $7,600.

Charles Ewing "Prairie Home Companion"

"Prairie Home Companion" 18x18, ink (SOLD)

Charles Ewing "Newbie"

"Newbie" 16x20, ink $2,100.

charles ewing, night watch, 30x40, Oil, $7200

"Night Watch" 30x40, Oil, $7200

charles ewing, old man and a booy, 30x18, Ink on claybord, $3900

"Old Man & A Boy" 30x18, Ink On Claybord, $3690

charles ewing El Burro 20x30, Oil, $3600

"El Burro" 20x30, Oil, $3600

"Working Man" 20x16, Ink On Claybord $2800

"Young Rider" by Charles Ewing

"Young Rider" 15x12, Ink on Claybord (SOLD)

"Dialog With Integrity" by Charles Ewing

"Dialog With Integrity" 24x18, Giclee' $550.

"Buffalo Moon" by Charles Ewing

"Buffalo Moon" 30x30, Ink on claybord (sold). Giclee available, framed, $1,150.
Giclee available, unframed, $850.

charles ewing Overlook 26x26 Ink on claybord $4800

"Overlook" 24 x 24 Giclee $750 unframed, $875 framed

Charles Ewing "Meeting of the Minds"

"Meeting of the Minds" 14x22, ink (SOLD)

Charles Ewing, Scent of the wind, 30x30, Ink on Claybord, $5800

"Scent Of The Wind" 30x30, Ink On Claybord, (SOLD)


Charles Ewing  Alberts Insights Ink on Claybord 18x24 $3700

"Albert's Insights" 18x24, Ink On Claybord, (SOLD)

"Stations of the Cross" Bronze Series. Contact us for information and availability.


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