Cindy Stapper

Cindy Stapper "Lambent Light"

"Lambent Light" 18x36 oil (SOLD)

Cindy Stapper "Pond Reverie"

"Pond Reverie" 18x24, oil $2,250.

Cindy Stapper "Across the Llano Valley"

"Across the Llano Valley" 12x16, oil $1,600.

Cindy Stapper "Distant Thunder"

"Distant Thunder" 18x24, oil $2,100.

Cindy Stapper "Sloping Orchard"

"Sloping Orchard" 9x12, oil $900.

Cindy Stapper "Sylvan Song"

"Sylvan Song" 9x12, oil $900.

Cindy Stapper, Deep Winter

"Deep Winter" 9x7, oil, $750.

Cindy Stapper, Monte Vista Spinning

"Monte Vista Spring" 12x16, oil, $1,600.

Cindy Stapper, Winter Gate

"Winter Gate" 9x7, oil, $750.

cindy stapper, evening alon the slate,  18x24, Oil, $2100

"Evening Along The Slate" 18x24, Oil, $2100

cindy stapper, the delicate season, 16x12, Oil, $1600

"The Delicate Season" 16x12, Oil, $1600


cindy stapper, spring dream, 12x16, Oil, $1600

"Spring Dream" 12 x16, Oil On Cradled Claybord, $1600

Cindy Stapper - Quiet Clearing

"Quiet Clearing", 10x10, oil $850

cindy Stapper  In Jicarita's Shadow, 16x16, Oil, $1500

"In Jicarita's Shadow" 16x16, Oil, (SOLD)

Cindy Stapper - Evening Near Bountifuil

"Evening Near Bountiful" 16x20, oil (SOLD)

cindy Stapper, Jicarita Glow, 8x16, Oil, $1400

"Jicarita Glow" 8x16, Oil, (SOLD)

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